Babysitter and Nanny Services in Malaysia

We match experienced babysitter and nanny nearby your location to your needs in Malaysia.


Malaysia Babysitter is the leading babysitter and nanny matching site in Malaysia. We focus on searching the most experience, reliable and high quality babysitters and nannies all around Malaysia. Then we refer them to the parents who live nearby according to their specific requirements.


It is our mission to provide the highest standard of babysitting experience to all parents in Malaysia. Your peace of mind leaving your kids with our babysitter or nanny is our greatest task.


How we work

If you are looking for babysitter or nanny:

Babysitter and Baby

Step 1Fill up the contact form on the right side, or call us if you have specific requirements.


Step 2We will select babysitter/nanny who is available and lives close to you, and arrange a meeting between you and the babysitter.


Step 3Upon meeting, you can have a good talk with the babysitter and decide if you want to hire her.


Step 4If you think the babysitter is not for you, we will select another babysitter for you again until you find a suitable one.



What can babysitter do for you

Here is some basic duty of a babysitter and nanny:

  • Provides supervision and closest attention to your kids
  • Ensures your children’s safety
  • Cooks and feeds your children
  • Bathes your kids
  • Incultivates good and positive values to your kids
  • Interacts and engages in your kids’ daily activities
  • Helps to tutor on their pre-school study
  • Performs light houseworks (upon agreement for live in babysitter)


Finding a reliable babysitter

Currently in Malaysia, most of the parents find babysitter based on friend’s or relative’s recommendation. However, if their recommended babysitter or nanny is occupied for that moment, most parents will encounter great challenge on finding a reliable babysitter.


Before Malaysia Babysitter, they would continue to ask around neighbours or even visit some forums to look for contacts of babysitters. Now, all parents in Malaysia may choose us to help you in looking for reliable babysitter around your house.


Rest assured, all our babysitters that we recommended have minimum one year babysitting or childcare experience.


If you are experience babysitter, nanny or confinement nanny,  you are welcome to register with us. We will arrange an interview with you soon.


We want no one in Malaysia ever has the problem of finding a trusted babysitter again.


Send us the request form now (on the right) and let us get you reliable babysitter.

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