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We save parents’ time and trouble to find babysitter and nanny nearby your place


Malaysia Babysitter understands many parents are facing problems of not able to hire trusted babysitter to look after their kids. Thus we have been actively recruiting experience and reliable babysitter and nanny in all neighbourhoods in Malaysia. We have searched and selected a large pool of reliable, honest, experience babysitter for all parents’ needs.


Nanny taking care of babyWe are determined to provide high standard of babysitter matching service in Malaysia to match all of your babysitting requirements.


Although our babysitters and nannies are not employees of Malaysia Babysitter, we will be constantly screening and monitoring all babysitters. This is to ensure that all our clients are having positive babysitting experience with us.


Other than searching and matching babysitters to parents’ requirements, we are also determined to help parents to find their perfect baby sitter and nanny. This includes advices on how to select a suitable babysitter, what questions to ask in your interview.


Contact us now if you want to save your time and trouble in hiring the right babysitter for your kids.


Our Mission:

To search and match babysitters to meet all parents’ requirements, while maintaining highest standard of service for positive babysitting experience with us.


Why us

Top service standard

We are providing services of searching and matching babysitter to all parents. We will ensure the service we provided is of top quality. We welcome all feedbacks and are always open to adjust our service quality.

Minimum 1 year experience

To ensure our babysitters that we recommended meet a certain level of expectation, we will only refer babysitters who have at least 1 year of babysitting or childcare experience to our clients.

Large database of babysitters

We are constantly recruiting and searching for competent and friendly babysitters. We aim to carefully select and build a huge bio-data of quality babysitters and nannies in Malaysia to serve you better.

Babysitter review system

It is our responsibility in making sure the babysitters that we refer are competent for their works. We do this by gathering reviews and testimonials from our satisfied clients. Through our effort, we are able to identify quality babysitters for your recommendation.

Within short period of time

With our connection with many babysitters and nannies, we are able to fill your requirements within a short period of time. This could stop you from the hassle and worry of no one to look after your baby while you are busy.

Excellent follow up

Our work doesn’t end after you have selected a babysitter that we recommend. We will follow up with you to unsure everything is fine and you are satisfied. We want to make all our clients happy and satisfied with our service.


Before you engage our babysitting services, listen to our motto:

We want no one in Malaysia ever has the problem of finding a trusted babysitter again.


To begin your positive babysitting experience with us, simply fill up the form on the right side with your specific requirement. 

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